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My dad died when I was barely 6 years of age. My mum was a teacher then and it was not easy for her but thanks to my dad's effort in authoring 3 books who were Accounts and Commerce text books for Form 1 to 3 students, we survived partly on the royalties from these books.

I was therefore inspired to follow his footsteps. After all, I was told that magazines, newspapers and other media will not normally interview a trainer but they will usually interview an author.

Pretty Lies Ugly Truth (Dirty Tricks) book cover

Pretty Lies Ugly Truth (Dirty Tricks)

Just about a dozen short stories on the dirty tricks used in business. The stories are based on true events and the story telling style are inspired by Jeff Archer. This book became a best selling book both on Amazon and the bookstores. We wanted to caution people to look at things carefully as some things which are pretty may have something sinister hidden.

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>Ugly Lies Pretty Truth book cover

Ugly Lies Pretty Truth

Wanted to play around with the title from my first book and since a bulk of my better properties are the ones that have a less appealing outlook, hence the title. The book shares my journey in property investment for almost 3 decades and how I ended up in asset management. 

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