Gerald Kong

Who is Gerald Kong

I have existed for almost half a century where I spent almost a dozen years in the I.T industry before moving into Asset Management. Training just happens to be a business that bridges the two because of the experience gained earlier and I simply believe a lot in Edu-marketing and business networking. 

I.T Days

Started as a System Analyst in the U.K back in the 90s before returning back to Malaysia and eventually became the CTO in a Disaster Recovery centre.

In Between

Attended multiple trainings to learn how I could manage my businesses and my staff. With the same set of skills learnt and practiced, I started to share the same knowledge with a close circle of friends who are CEOs. This was how sharing became a training biz.

Asset Management Days

I wanted to start this business off earlier but it wasn't until 2008 as I saw a great potential among my friends whose property portfolio were badly managed. This business eventually expanded as we were investing in different countries and the network of investors grew. Most likely will retire with this as my last business. 

Free Days

Besides running my business, I will sneak off whenever I can to the sea as I care deeply for the environment and I choose to be a guardian of marine life. An organization that I am pretty involved with to save the seas is Undersea Voyager Project (UVP). We spend countless hours in ensuring awareness of the deteriorating sea is made public.

We have a submarine that will bring anyone to explore the depths of the ocean and to see for themselves where our concerns are. Financial aid and sponsors are always welcome. One of our major sponsor is Luminox.

If you would like to contact me directly, please feel free to drop me an email at